The pianos from Yamaha’s legendary P (Portable) series are known in the industry as some of the highest quality digital pianos on the market, with many of their pianos becoming best-sellers. And the Yamaha P45 is makes a worthy addition to this lineup, as one would expect. More at
It is an entry-level piano of this series, a best-seller, and great for a beginning pianist. The piano uses AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling to simulate a realistic sound and playing experience. The P45 also has Graded Hammer technology, which weighs the lower keys heavier than the higher ones. The P45 also comes with ten different voices and 20 preset songs.

The maximum polyphony is 64, which is pretty good for a portable and very affordable digital piano. More at

Other features of the P45 include:

Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed sensitivity
4 types of reverb
Built-in metronome
Dual and duo mode
Pedal and music stand included