In the past few years, online shopping has become as common as breathing. While brick and mortar stores would gladly take the opportunity to sell you something, the e-commerce phenomenon is growing more and more everyday and has successfully reached a wider audience than ever before. More at

The benefit of buying online is simple. You point, click, pay, and you’re done. After a few days, your piano arrives and you’re all set. It’s as easy as pie. And, if you bought it from a reputable place, you should be able to not only read customer reviews before buying, but receive customer service via phone, email, or live chat should anything go wrong.
The downside of buying online is obvious—you have zero interaction with another human being. If you buy at a store, you can ask a piano expert questions on the instrument, as well as the return policy. He or she can also give you recommendations, as well. So, you definitely lose that aspect when buying online. More at

At the same time, when buying through your phone or computer, you often have the ability to check out pianos that likely aren’t available in your local area. And if you can’t try the piano locally, it’s nice to know that you can buy it online and, if for any reason you’re unhappy with it, likely return it for a full refund (this varies from website to website, so again, always check any online retailer’s policies when it comes to purchasing, shipping, and returns.