There are many great features that almost all piano keyboards have as standard. When you are looking for the best piano keyboard for your needs, you should ensure that they have all the relevant features.


The number of keys that a piano keyboard has is very important. You should establish what it is that you want to achieve from purchasing a piano keyboard. If you want a small midi controller that is portable and convenient, then you can probably get away with purchasing a 25 key keyboard. This will be very basic however, and you won’t get much range on it. It will however be highly portable, which can be useful. Most keyboards have a standard number of keys. More at

You can choose between models that have 61,76 or 88 keys. The more keys that a piano keyboard has however, the larger the keyboard will be. You will need to think carefully about how portable you want the keyboard to be. You should also consider space limitations too. If you want to set the keyboard on a small table for example, would a larger keyboard fit?

ACTIONPiano Keyboard for Beginners

Action is a term that you will hear frequently when you are looking at different models of keyboard. Weighted or semi weighted action keys will give you the feel that you are playing an acoustic piano and allows you to add expression to your playing. Synth action however gives a more plain and universal tone when the key is pressed. This effect is more like playing an organ. There is little resistance to the keys and the sound that comes from the keys will be no louder or softer when you press them with different force.


You should look at the polyphony of the keyboard before you purchase it. Polyphony relates to the polyphonic ability of the keyboard. When you press down on more than one note, the amount of power that the keyboard is able to assign will result in either unbroken sound or the keyboard will struggle to output the notes sufficiently and you will experience cut out. Cheaper keyboards tend to have a lower polyphony capability and when you play chords, you may find that due to notes warbling or cutting out as they are being held, your performance isn’t of the highest standard. Polyphony of 128 is about the best you can find, although polyphony of 64 is usually sufficient.

MIDI capabilities are important if you want to use your keyboard with a computer. Midi is a popular sound protocol that has been used for several decades now and is still going strong. This is the functionality that allows you to use your keyboard with applications such as garage band. You can record your playing using a USB lead to attach your keyboard to your computer and then you will be able to use the application’s controls to do what you need to do. More at


Computer connectivity is another important factor, especially if you do want to use your keyboard as a midi instrument. Most keyboards these days come equipped with a USB port so that you can connect easily to almost any computer. Other connectivity options include FireWire, midi, and LAN.


Storage and expansion can be useful features to have on a keyboard. This would give you the ability to record your music, either to the keyboard itself or to a memory card. You wouldn’t need to be at a computer in order to record your music and this could be useful for beginners. Often, it is unhelpful to be able to play back your music so that you can critique your own performance. Storage can also be used to load more samples and voices to the keyboard.